Forgot to upload this! I drew this last winter as a present for my brother and sister in law. It’s their mini aussie Pippa!

I’m having a free giveaway on my Facebook Page for these charms! Visit here for more info!

Newest painting :D Drawing houses is fun/torturous.

scrapped panel from my work in progress comic.

a collection of commissions I did for iRANDUMB! All were super fun, I always love drawing epic OCs :D!

Picture I drew for a good friend of mine! She wanted herself drawn wearing an EVO shirt. She’s really cool, you should totally check out her youtube ;D

My new Umbreon bag I made! Yayyyy

Commissioner wanted a parody of the three wolf moon tshirt, except with Mightyenas instead :)

A day behind but I’ve been doing this PokedexXY December draw challenge! More to come later

commission for GinnyTheGreat on dA! It was super fun to draw all that long hair :’D