My husband had the stomach flu for a week and a half and I did not get sick at all, this is a great victory

Started this last week but never got a chance to finish it. One of my monsters from the really fun iOS game Puzzles and Dragons! I wanted to do a better drawing but all I had time for was this weird chibi thing.
Anyways though its a really great free game, everyone should try it out!

My tribute to Rick and Morty, it’s a great and funny show!

RIP Robin Williams. This was my favorite character you did, I watched this movie a million times growing up and I still love it today.

My OC Kreed from my work in progress comic c:

Character commission for a friend IRL of his bard halfling! And doggy companion too.

I took a class on CGMA and this was one of my assignments! I had to do a fox girl because both foxes and girls are fun to draw.

A super fun drawing for RayneJCD of Kennymap’s OC Aram. More info here! This guy is super cool, I wanna color my hair pink like that soon :3

Finally update from me! Got caught up in crappy stuff like having my bag stolen at work and blaaaaah.

Anyways here’s a drawing for the super sweet Aggy The Awesome on Gaia <3 Characters are Paris and Samantha!